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NLP for Business Analysts was developed as a course and written as a book for the BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT to help develop the behavioural competencies which underpin success.

It covers all those behavioural competencies cited by professional bodies and certifications including the BCS and IIBA.

Competencies cover the whole emotional intelligence framework, with examples from:

Self Awareness Social Awareness
Self Management Social Influence

You can view and download free resources from the book and view our endorsements.

Foreword to the book by Dot Tudor FBCS, chief examiner of ‘Agile BA’

‘Business Analysis is about more than just gathering requirements and documenting them. It is built on effective communication with people at all levels, balancing different viewpoints and priorities. It is about working with people to negotiate valuable changes for the good of the organisation, present and future. Amongst other things, it is about flexing to the environment, understanding the multiple stakeholder perspectives and acting as a mediator between different world-views. To be a successful Business Analyst requires a high degree of emotionally intelligence in the workplace.

The behavioural competencies needed by the Business Analyst are now recognised by BCS’s SFIA framework and IIBA’s Body of Knowledge. Indeed, half of all of the points for award of ‘Expert BA’ are allocated to soft skills.

This book, using the structured approach and toolset of NLP, can help you with many aspects of business analysis, from surfacing requirements to building rapport with stakeholders and resolving conflict, and is extensively cross referenced to established competency frameworks.

It is written by an experienced practitioner, covering real world situations with a wealth of stories and anecdotes to embed learning.

If you want to develop yourself to become an expert BA with effective soft skills and beneficial behaviours, then this book is for you.’