There is no such thing as bad meditation

There is no such thing as bad meditation.  Meditation is the practice of achieving a state of relaxed focus and we should not expect to achieve that state every time without effort, any more than we would expect to go into the gym and lift a hundred kilos without practice.

If we relax and focus on our breathing, until we are very practised, we should expect our attention to wander.  The fact that we have already caught our attention wandering means that we have achieved meta-attention – noticing where our attention is, and meditation is meta-attention.  So we are meditating.

Only with regular practice can we expect to achieve relaxed concentration, but we cannot do that without first regularly flexing the muscle of meta-attention.

Slowly but surely, our adjustments to balance will become more subtle, as when we become proficient at riding a bicycle.  And as we become proficient we can relax more, creating a virtuous circle.  The only thing we have to do to become good at meditation is commit to regular practice.

But why meditate in the first place?  Well, if the fact that it is the easiest way of achieving happiness does not appeal to you, then maybe because it will give you the ultimate ability to achieve calmness, clarity and focus at will.

The easy way to do it?  Just find a relaxing place and a comfortable position and focus your attention on your breathing.  You will catch you attention wandering from your breathing.  Well done, you are meta-aware of your awareness, hence meditating.  Bring your awareness back to your breathing.   You will catch you attention wandering from your breathing.  etc

Now, just set a regular time aside for meditation and be aware of how skilful you are becoming, and how it is helping you to achieve a state of calmness, clarity and happiness.

That was easy wasn’t it.