Schedule of events

Book on our workshops and NLP training events:

90 minute briefing including exercises and Q&A at your venue for up to 40 people

£995 (plus VAT & expenses) for up to 40 delegates at your venue.
Dates and times to be agreed at time of booking. (Note that we put on regular talks for free to charitable / professional bodies but these usually book out same day – see the ‘Talks’ tab for a list of dates and contact details).
We can arrange a suitable venue if required at cost plus 10% admin fee.

1 day Introduction to NLP4PM workshop

This 1 day workshop gives an overview of how emotional intelligence can be applied to effective delivery of projects and how they can be developed using NLP.
£495 + VAT
6th October 2015
Milton Keynes

NLP4PM™ Module 1: Advanced Behavioural Competences for Project Managers

Cover the behavioural competence elements required for APM’s Registered Project Professional through experience based group coaching and learn all the basics of NLP along the way.
3 days, £1495 + VAT
2-5th November 2015
Milton Keynes

Advanced Behavioural Competences for Project Managers

Cover the behavioural competence elements required for APM’s Registered Project Professional through experience based group coaching.
3 days, £1495 + VAT
12t-15th October 2015
Milton Keynes

NLP4PM™ Module 2: Developing Project Leadership and High Performance Teams

Develop your leadership behaviours to get the most from your team and facilitate a high performance culture.
2 day, £995 + VAT
7-9th December 2015
Milton Keynes

NLP4BA™ NLP for Business Analysts

Develop all the behavioural competences to become even more effective in communicating between the business and the project.
3 day, £1495 + VAT
17-17th June 2015
Milton Keynes

NLP4PM™ Module 3: NLP Business Practitioner

Follow on course to NLP4PM or NLP4BA modules to convert to full NLP Business Practitioner qualification accredited by ANLP
4 days, £1495 + VAT
25-28 January 2016
Milton Keynes

Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills for Project Managers

As we progress there is a greater focus on communicating across wider and more senior stakeholder groups and to present in formal and informal settings in an effective manner. This workshop will give you the skills you require to be confident in your delivery.
2 days, £995 + VAT
23-24th June 2015
Milton Keynes

Advanced tools and skills for effective stakeholder engagement

Whether a project is judged as being a success or not is probably more about the opinions of stakeholders than in your schedules and financial returns. In this 2 day course you will develop tools and techniques for mapping different stakeholder perspectives, reading their map of the world, speaking their language, and finding accommodation so that you have support through your project and afterwards.
2 days, £995 + VAT
1-2nd July 2015
Milton Keynes

Building Resilience and Managing Stress

All managers need to be resilient and this workshop will give you new tools to manage the stress levels of you and those in your team.
1 day, £495 + VAT
19th October 2015
Milton Keynes

Negotiation Skills for Project Managers

We never stop negotiating, whether it be for time, resources or just to make our way through life. This workshop will give you the theory, structure and practice to achieve your best outcomes.
2 day, £995 + VAT
14-15th July
Milton Keynes

Essentials of Project Governance and Role or the Sponsor

This workshop gives you everything you need to know to bridge the gap between governance of the project and governance of the organisation and fully explains the role of the sponsor in terms of what they do for the board, the project manager and other stakeholders.
1 day, £495 + VAT
8th July 2015
Milton Keynes

Strategies, tools and behaviours for project assurance

Assurance of portfolios, programmes and projects can improve the prospects for delivery of current and future projects. Lear the different approaches, techniques and effective behaviours to find out what is really going on and also help to put it right.
2 day, £995 + VAT
21-22nd July 2015
Milton Keynes

And remember that we provide executive and group coaching to support your ongoing development

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  • These are public dates only – call us to arrange your in-house course.
  • For in-house courses, syllabus can be modified to cover local competence frameworks.
  • Multiple bookings and in-house courses are eligible for discount – call us to discuss.
  • Rates include lunch and refreshments where applicable.
  • Overnight rates and meals can be included in the booking for additional £70/day at reference venue, including access to gym, pool and sauna.

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